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This is a new range of brake shoes created specifically for Australian conditions to provide a fast, reliable and economical brake shoe replacement.

Australia's Leading Braking Innovator

It’s this ongoing commitment to advancing our technical knowledge that sets us apart from everybody else. Bendix ensures that all its products are rigorously tested under local driving conditions. Surprisingly, most other brake manufacturers do not. You see, at Bendix, we don’t cut costs on research and development or quality control, which is probably why we are still the most trusted name in brake technology. It is a position that we do not take for granted. We constantly strive to improve and update every single Bendix product through innovative solutions and advanced testing.

Brake Shoes Benefit 1 380X250

Brake Shoes You Can Trust

Bendix Brake Shoes are the brake shoes that you can trust to perform well on our roads, again and again. And again. Bendix Brake Shoes are one of the only brake shoes that have been formulated and thoroughly tested for all driving conditions. You don’t need to look anywhere else for the best results and safety for the road ahead.

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Pure Stopping Power

Bendix Brake Shoes outperform other brake shoes in lifespan, noise and dust reduction and most importantly, pure stopping power. Especially in extreme driving conditions. Bendix has introduced the Triple Tested quality control system to the Bendix Brake Shoe range, so you can be sure of a high standard, every time. They are the brake shoes that you can rely on. Full stop.

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Noise Test

When tested on local roads against a leading competitor, Bendix Brake Shoes came out ahead in noise reduction. The test conducted was the B8E6-170, based on % stops over 70dB. You can see the significant difference between the two in the graph. In other tests, Bendix Brake Shoes were found to be superior to other brake shoes in stopping dust as well as stopping cars.

Noise Test Brake Shoes 760X500
Breake Shoes Triple Tested

Product Comparison

Under the strict ISO 6312 shear testprocedure, Bendix Brake Shoes exceed shear strength requirements of ECE Regulation 90, the European standard. The manufacturing process is meticulous, with the stringent Triple Tested quality control measures in place, to ensure longer wear rates and longer drum life span. Bendix Brake Shoes use advanced OE technology with superior friction material and quality metal shoes. Because at Bendix, we never cut costs on safety.

Brake Shoe Graph


  • Bendix Brake Pads Brake Shoes Brochure Prj 02546 2012
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  • Bendix Product Master Catalogue PRJ 08473 April 2024
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