A multi purpose brake pad for working vehicles, towing and other heavy duty applications. Lasts up to twice as long as all purpose brake pads in hard working and high temperature conditions. Features a unique Blue Titanium Stripe for instant positive pedal feel and an exclusive insulation layer for cooler braking and longer life.
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Working Harder

Working vehicles make special demands on brakes. Utes carrying loads under all sorts of driving conditions; the constant stop start of delivery vans and couriers about town. And towing, of course, puts extra demands on brakes. That’s why Bendix has developed a special compound that is able to deliver heavy duty performance under loads at high temperatures and last up to twice as long as all-purpose standard brake pads.

Heavy Duty Working Hearder Dual Cab 760X500

Working Longer

The economic consequences have also been taken into consideration when formulating a new compound. It must be long lasting without being unduly harsh on rotors. Fortunately Bendix, with the backing of the best technology from around the world and its unique testing laboratory was able to create a compound that met all these requirements to make it the ideal Aussie workmate. These pads have been extensively tested in the lab and on the road. They not only work better – they work longer.

Heavy Duty Graph 760X500

Working Cooler

A significant feature of Bendix Heavy Duty pads is the exclusive insulation layer (Insulayer) sandwiched between the backing plate and the friction material. The insulation layer assists the adhesion of friction material to the backing plate and minimises heat transfer which stops brake fluid from boiling, prevents damage to the caliper and ensures a positive pedal feel at high operating temperatures.

Insulayer Van 760X500
Exclusive insulation layer enables the brake pads to operate in high temperature conditions offering longer pad life, improved fade and improved rotor life.
No bedding-in required, meaning less down time and improved customer satisfaction. Instant pedal feel from the first stop.
Featuring Noise Absorbing Shims for reduced transmission of vibration and noise from the brake pad during extreme braking.
Able to handle extra loads. Great for towing, courier vans, taxis and heavier vehicles.
More than 300 references available covering the majority of vehicles used in carrying loads, towing or involved in frequent heavy braking.
Bendix brake components are appropriate for the purpose intended and if installed by qualified staff, to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, can be used in logbook servicing.

Product Features

Stripe Tile
Insulayer Tile

Product Comparison

Working Longer

Using our global technology, Bendix Heavy Duty has been specially formulated as a hard working compound that is long lasting without being unduly harsh on rotors.

Developed and tested in the Bendix dynamometer laboratory and on the road, Bendix Heavy Duty not only work better but also last longer.

Heavy Duty Performance Comp Chart 1880X800


  • Bendix Brake Pads Heavy Duty Brochure Prj 03125 2013
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  • Bendix Brake Pads Master Catalogue Prj 06055 2018
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