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Brake Fluid

Minimises corrosion and optimises braking performance.

Ceramasil™ Brake Parts Lubricant

Lasting protections against friction, wear, and corrosion.

Cleanup – Brake & Parts Cleaner

Fights oils, dust, dirt, and grease and stops brake squeal.

Degrease – Removes Oil & Grease

Removes grease and grime from engines, motors and workshop surfaces.

Shine – Shines Tyres

Prevents dirt and brings a shine to tyres, mudflaps, and bumpers.

Multi-Use – Penetrates & Lubricates

Lubricates, protects and prevents corrosion.

Smooth – White Lithium Grease

Protects surfaces from scratching and prevents squeaking.

Silicone – Lubricates & Protects

Lubricates, waterproofs, protects against corrosion, binding & squeaking.
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