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Brake Pads

We offer a range of specialised brake pads for different vehicle and living conditions. Fit the right brake pads to your vehicle today.
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Disc Brake Rotors

We offer a range of precision engineered disc brake rotors as the perfect complement to the extensive Bendix brake pad range.
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Brake Shoes

We’ve engineered our brake shoes specifically for Australian conditions to provide a reliable, economical brake shoe replacement.
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Brake Drums

Bendix has applied its expert knowledge in the design and manufacture of disc brake rotors to the brake drum category, resulting in a range of quality drum brakes suitable for many utility vehicles and their wagon derivatives, as well as selected passenger cars.
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Brake Hose Kits

Experience vastly improved brake pedal feel and feedback with an upgraded brake hose.
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Electric Brake Controller

Our electric brake controllers provide safe and effective stopping power when towing heavy loads, offering total control, comfort, and reliability.
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Electric Brake Wear Sensors

Our premium electric brake wear sensors easily warn drivers when brake pads are nearing the end of their lifespan.
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Commercial Vehicles

Our Commercial vehicle range brings advanced engineering to brake pads, brake shoes and linings, ensuring increased performance and a longer lifespan for parts.
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Fluids + Sprays

Bendix have got it in the can with our new range of super convenient spray cans. The all new range of Bendix spray cans, available at your nearest automotive stockist now.
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